58 – Pete “The Saurus” Morris – Battle Rap and MTT Pro


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Carlos and I bring in TPE pro Pete Morris for a little Q & A.  Pete is known throughout the battle rap world as “The Saurus” and also plays professionally on ACR under the name DrawingBored.  We talk about dating foreign women, being an icon in the battle rap scene, and transitioning to poker and becoming a TPE instructor.  Pete had a battle with Alex Fitzgerald in Las Vegas, you can check that out here: The Saurus vs. The Assassinato.  We also go over a tricky poker hand where I played AK.

Intro: Carlos introduction, connectivity issue in ACR

Game start: 2:59    Listeners Questions: 31:34

Peter enters: 17:35 

hand: 58:02 ; 1:02:00


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  • January 18, 2016

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